Analyst Rotational Program.

The Analyst Rotational Program facilitates your development to become a broad and skilled management consultant. Capacent offers a unique working environment and advancement opportunities for students, dedicated and driven new graduates or young professionals. One of the most important parts of Capacent’s junior talent strategy is our Analyst Rotational Program, designed to enhance your learning curve and to facilitate your development from a newly employed team member into a full-fledged management consultant over the course of your first year.

At Capacent, we emphasize the building of insight and understanding over a broad base of both our offerings and the industries we work in, as well as your development of a comprehensive consulting skill profile. This ambition is realized through the program, setting up a continuous rotation between a selection of Capacent’s different service areas and thus a wide range of actual projects – with the analyst delivering value to clients and gaining skills along the way.

Capacent is a growing firm, and we expect you to be eager to take on the task at hand and guide our clients wherever their challenge might lie. In addition, the Analyst Rotational Program also covers assignments to our different offices across the Nordics.

What we offer.

Capacent offers a unique working environment and development opportunities for dedicated professionals. Our consultants enjoy the excitement and challenge of state-of-the art strategic analysis, combined with the satisfaction of implementing concrete actions to realize results. We are proud to maintain our Nordic culture and values, emphasizing a pragmatic approach, a non-hierarchical organization, a balanced lifestyle and a lot of fun.

After a few years at Capacent you will have a broad network in the industrial and financial sector. You will have gained valuable experience that allows you to take important roles in projects at Capacent or in your continued career, if you should decide to move on.

How to apply.

If you would like to apply for a job at Capacent please go to Open positions and use the recruiting tool. Your application should include cover letter, CV, transcripts from University and High School. Please also specify which office you prefer to work at. The application deadline is October 15, 2017.

Blog posts.

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If you are a student please contact:

Janna Forsén
Telephone: +46 76 048 30 50


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